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The power of voice

deneuvelitI keep bragging about it… and now they use voice (that of the Cherbourg Umbrellas!) to read – on TV – extracts of Loïc Prigent’s acid book on the world of fashion. Paris fashion week “oblige”.

See full post on – La Voix à la Mode

And enjoy Deneuve’s voice on
ARTE everyday at 7:40pm (CT)

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The social power of Art

You know I’m convinced that art can help in many ways and in many situations. Working myself on enticing people to sing to better communicate, I was glad to read the following article!

The parts great artists cannot reach (PDF here)
Peter Aspden
FT, 7-8 January 2012

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Music education for all!

Great piece about Björk’s latest project – which interestingly looks like some kind of music education mission.
Un plaidoyer pour l’interdisciplinarité!

A must-read – que vous soyez fous des dernières technologies, de musique, or simply an artist looking for new drive!

Music, Nature, Science.
by Charlie Burton

1 comment August 29th, 2011

Can you kill with music?

Life and death, the Eros and Thanatos, or what you choose to feel within the duality of music?
Arvo Pärt: “You can kill people with sound”.
I also very much like the idea which Björk chose to express as “a music which gives space to the listener”.

Björk interviews Arvo Pärt
for the BBC program ‘Modern Minimalists’ (1997).

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Communication lesson by Handel?

You can trust Handel. He is music’s great communicator.
Martin Kettle
in The Guardian, 14 August 2009

How refreshing to read about great composers in the regular papers! Especially when the music is so well analysed. Communication however, is not only about pleasing one’s audience.

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