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Questioning basics

  Since I’m currently working (hard) at (trying to) writ(e)ing a book, I’ve bumped into that text I for long ha on my desktop, The New Art of Making Books, by Ulises Carrion. How ironic, right? Best is, I apparently read that text before, for I did highlight some sentences (you’ll see, I didn’t remove my notes). Phew! I wouldn’t recall any of that.

Why posting about this? Not to say I may face some early form of “Junior Alzheimer”; I wouldn’t joke about that. (And yet who knows if one’s truly sane/insane!) I just wish to share that extract about books, book writing, book “making”, which Carion wrote in 1975.

Text available here

It sounds ages ago and yet the text, to me at least, sounds so fresh. When reading it again, I can only but think of Paul Arden‘s line (and title of one of his books) “Whatever you think, think the opposite“.

So what do you think? Amis Frenchies, comment alors ne pas immédiatement songer à Desproges si… “la seule certitude que j’ai, c’est d’être dans le doute“..?

Bref, je retourne à mon travail et me demande…ce que j’écris!


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And the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize goes to…. the EU!

Enfin on pense à l’UE, à une oeuvre collective et non à un individu, on reconnaît son audacité, et celle de ceux qui l’ont fait naître; ils doivent être heureux d’où qu’ils nous regardent.Maintenant, cela renforcera-t-il le sentiment d’identité européenne et le fait qu’il faut se battre pour sauvegarder “notre” Union?
who’s the EU? C’est qui ce “nous”?

Les 499 millions de citoyens européens que nous sommes ressentent-ils tous la même joie aujourd’hui?

You’re right Pierpaolo (Settembri) when you confide “It’s certainly our Prize, but who is “us”? This question is for me the biggest legacy and the true value of this award ...”

and to my dear dear CoE alumni friends:
petite (huge!) pensée for Prof. Geremek and Prof. Picht today

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Are we all social animals?

Long time no hear, right? It’s been a while indeed since I regularly pinpointed articles I found had some flavour. I guess it took me a while to adapt to the non-Brussels, non-EU focused, non-political life. Yet habits are resistant. Can one really stop thinking about the way the world’s going? It’d give us such a good rest though! Yet personally I fail overlooking a few things.
So today I’m with you and wish to pinpoint that book of David Brooks’, The Social Animal.

Sure you already heard of it; but have you read it?Ok, it’s a good 500 pages (and it looks huge, especially when like me, the book stays out at night in the garden and undergoes a massive thunder storm, which makes the poor wet book now look like a 1,000 page Bible!) But what a delight! Or rather some savoury “delicatessen”.

If you’ve been running the corridors of international institutions, political circles, receptions, you name it… you may recognise quite a few familiar stories and patterns, acquaintances, friends, yourself? Get in the back seat and enjoy the reading.

  • Video (TED Talk) about The Social Animal by the author David Brook himself here.
  • Reviews about The Social Animal, A Story of How Success Happens(David Brooks, 2011)
    • in The Guardian here,
    • in the NY Times here,
    • and in The New Yorker here.

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Question the question

Quite interesting piece I found, questioning the very question which was raised again about Front National voters in France.
Moi aussi, j’aimerais connaître un électeur du Front National
Guillaume Erner
in The Huffington Post, 25 April 2012

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French journalism in question?

It’s always interesting and eye-opening to read about one’s culture in the foreign press. They say what nobody dares say at home. French journalism was put into question at the time of the DSK scandal. Now Jean Quatremer (the first French journalist who dared write about DSK’s ‘weakness’ years ago) has published his latest book, Sexe, mensonges et médias, the foreign press – and not just any foreign press! – gets back on the question of the French media…in bed with power.

The French media: in bed with power and pdf here
Simon Kuper
in FT, 16 March 2012

More about Jean Quatremer’s book: Sexe, mensonges et médias, chez Plon, 198 p., 16,90 Eur.
On Jean’s blog – in Le Figaroby Plon
Félicitations Jean! 🙂

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The social power of Art

You know I’m convinced that art can help in many ways and in many situations. Working myself on enticing people to sing to better communicate, I was glad to read the following article!

The parts great artists cannot reach (PDF here)
Peter Aspden
FT, 7-8 January 2012

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