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Do we, witty 30-year-old ladies, scare men?

Les filles, avons-nous la tête trop bien faite pour espérer trouver un homme, un vrai?

It’s Katrin Bennhold’s turn this week to be translated in French in the Figaro’s selection of NYT articles. What a team at the IHT in Paris, right?! THE IMPORTANT THING IS; there are more and more reports attesting that our generation of young ladies, who’ve worked hard for successful careers, are bound to remain single. So unfair, and yet so true! (so it seems anyway.)

Read the article in EN here:
Keeping Romance Alive at the Age of Female Empowerment Katrin Bennhold, IHT, 30 November 2010

Pour vous, amis Frenchies, voici l’article en FR scanné!
Le Prix d’une Carrière au Féminin part 1part 2

=> Oli, thanks for your comment on FB: “There’s some stuff that’s just straight-up twisted.”

so true… and so s(b)ad…

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