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The September…no the November Issue!

Rural garment boutique

Garment boutique in rural France

Here it is! Driving past this boutique by the roadside in a village of the French Massif Central, I simply couldn’t resist! Would Anna Wintour approve of this?(!) I’m always impressed by the way French ladies care about style and elegance, be they in dear Lutecia or in the smallest village of the “Province”. Watch out indeed! Elegance is not about fashion… Would Anna Wintour approve of that too?(!)

Enjoy the latest Vogue, and why not its French edition for once?!



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Van Rompuy back and forth across the Ocean

In today’s edition of Le Figaro’s selection from the New York Times (which unfortunately is not published on one will find one of Stephen’s article originally published for the Herald Tribune on 8 October 2010!

I’m fascinated that an article written in Brussels going to the Herald Tribune in Paris and concomittantly to New York, gets back to Paris via Le Figaro. Sad it takes weeks,but hey!

Stephen, your article’s been translated rather well 😉

Pour ceux qui souhaiteraient lire Stephen Castle en français, profitez-en 🙂

Un faux modeste au sommet de l’Europe
Steven Erlanger & Stephen Castle
Sélection hebdomadaire du New York Times par Le Figaro, 19 novembre 2010
Originally published as
At Europe’s Helm, a Steady Hand with Little Pomp
The New York Times – International Herald Tribune, 8 October 2010

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