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Barroso sort de ses gonds!

enfin 🙂
Germany Is Called ‘Naïve’ on Euro
Stephen Castle
IHT, 25 May 2010

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Sélection hebdo du NY Times par Le Figaro – 21 mai 2010

Malheureusement, Amis Frenchies, ces articles du NYT sélectionnés par Le Figaro, ne sont pas en ligne. Qu’à cela ne tienne!
Je vous propose donc ma “sélection de cette sélection”, avec les originaux en anglais.

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Un grand tournant Outre Manche?

British Voting Marks End of Labour’s Hegemony
Stephen Castle
IHT, 6 May 2010

une perspective intéressante – dommage que cet article n’apparaisse pas sur la page Europe du NYT/IHT! Booh!

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The French Commission Rep takes risk to create a 9 May buzz on the net

Migration de crabes pour le 9 mai
Yeah! Who thought it’d happen?! Ok, it is for a French audience – French speaking ok too if you’ve been introduced to French humour! – but even if you don’t get a word of the Frenchies’ jargon, do take a look at this video! No Rep logo, but humour, average puns and references to old ‘chanson francaise’, a ‘forbidden under 18’ section, everything is there to create surprise. France strongly celabrates 8 May each year, although I bet an increasing number of younger citizens forgets the reference to 1945; and yet very few across the EU, including dear France, know about 9 May.  Were it to be turned into a day-off, I’m not even certain it would help. This year anyway, the argument doesn’t hold since both 8 & 9 May are weekend days!

If you don’t know about 9 May, it’s the day to celebrate the Schuman Declaration, which paved the way to the EU. Not sure you wish to celebrate then?! oops
This year marks the 60th anniversary of this famous speech by France’s foreign minister Robert Schuman.

Watch 9 May celebrations advertising video by French Commission Rep:
Migration de crabes pour le 9 mai

And of course, they got their FB page 😉

More about 9 May in France at

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TV power?

Not that we did not know about it, yet interesting piece. Sorry I post it today only (I’ve been silent for a while indeed), but the recent developments observed during campaigning may well be interesting to consider when getting the results of the British elections tonight!

TV Debates Shape British Election, for Good or Ill
Stephen Castle
IHT, 25 April 2010

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