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Do we, witty 30-year-old ladies, scare men?

Les filles, avons-nous la tête trop bien faite pour espérer trouver un homme, un vrai?

It’s Katrin Bennhold’s turn this week to be translated in French in the Figaro’s selection of NYT articles. What a team at the IHT in Paris, right?! THE IMPORTANT THING IS; there are more and more reports attesting that our generation of young ladies, who’ve worked hard for successful careers, are bound to remain single. So unfair, and yet so true! (so it seems anyway.)

Read the article in EN here:
Keeping Romance Alive at the Age of Female Empowerment Katrin Bennhold, IHT, 30 November 2010

Pour vous, amis Frenchies, voici l’article en FR scanné!
Le Prix d’une Carrière au Féminin part 1part 2

=> Oli, thanks for your comment on FB: “There’s some stuff that’s just straight-up twisted.”

so true… and so s(b)ad…

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The September…no the November Issue!

Rural garment boutique

Garment boutique in rural France

Here it is! Driving past this boutique by the roadside in a village of the French Massif Central, I simply couldn’t resist! Would Anna Wintour approve of this?(!) I’m always impressed by the way French ladies care about style and elegance, be they in dear Lutecia or in the smallest village of the “Province”. Watch out indeed! Elegance is not about fashion… Would Anna Wintour approve of that too?(!)

Enjoy the latest Vogue, and why not its French edition for once?!



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Van Rompuy back and forth across the Ocean

In today’s edition of Le Figaro’s selection from the New York Times (which unfortunately is not published on one will find one of Stephen’s article originally published for the Herald Tribune on 8 October 2010!

I’m fascinated that an article written in Brussels going to the Herald Tribune in Paris and concomittantly to New York, gets back to Paris via Le Figaro. Sad it takes weeks,but hey!

Stephen, your article’s been translated rather well 😉

Pour ceux qui souhaiteraient lire Stephen Castle en français, profitez-en 🙂

Un faux modeste au sommet de l’Europe
Steven Erlanger & Stephen Castle
Sélection hebdomadaire du New York Times par Le Figaro, 19 novembre 2010
Originally published as
At Europe’s Helm, a Steady Hand with Little Pomp
The New York Times – International Herald Tribune, 8 October 2010

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Les jolies colonies de vacances..!

Homework for E.U.’s Top Diplomat This Summer
Stephen Castle
IHT, 30 July 2010

Alors que la France pousse ces messieurs dames (surtout Mme Ashton) à apprivoiser notre chère langue française, Pierre Lellouche arrondit les angles… (le français n’est-il pas la langue de la diplomatie?!) et annonce que lui, s’attelle à l’allemand.
Quelques brèves semaines estivales en Avignon seront-elles suffisantes? Le Château Correnson serait-il enchanté? Les coteaux sablonneux, entre garrigue, mistral et soleil du midi font surtout du bon vin. Là est peut-être le secret.

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Fashion’s got meaning! Flip flops or espadrilles?

Stephen Clarke wrote God Save Les Françaises but men too are into fashion in the Hexagone! Take flip flops & Southwestern espadrilles for instance; two worlds apart…!

C’est l’été 🙂 Enjoy: Êtes-vous TONG ou ESPADRILLE?
Sébastien Le FolTong ou Espadrille? Le Fig-30.07.2010
Le Figaro, 30 July 2010

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no comment – just what I like in graphic design

Graphic design at Central St Martin\’s

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De Gaulle in 1959 – free speech?

Incredible yet true. Fifty years down the road, the nature of communication’s gone through a revolution – yet perhaps not the one we’d expect. Today, one would be sent to jail for less than that…don’t you think?

Watch your words!
Also available here.


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Love me, love me, say that you love me…

Post by Denis Carré, pretty interesting on the Web 2.0. influence on courtship!

Good wrap up Denis!
Actually our generation is pretty stuck in both a post-1960s and post-postmodernist context. The apprehension and concept of time has changed with our generation. We live longer, we project anything we do on the long term, and therefore we’re scared to fail – especially in the old western EU paradigm which forbids failure instead of considering it as a learning step. The peace & love era, as well as the sea, sex & sun age are long gone. And with pressure on our shoulders, our generation is so freaked out to let go & fail that it’s somewhat easier to succeed with one’s professional career than with one’s personal life, and thus relationship. Hence many of us have focused on their professional success and find themselves home alone late at night, sometimes venturing on virtual social networks online! At the dawn of the 21st century, it seems our best pal is our laptop!

Just a few thoughts anyway. “my two cents”, for what it’s worth.

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28 years later, finally… ‘sorry Derry’

Watch UK Prime Minister Cameron apologise for the killings in Derry on Bloody Sunday.
and better watch Derry’s people reaction live

To all my Northern Irish friends

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Barroso sort de ses gonds!

enfin 🙂
Germany Is Called ‘Naïve’ on Euro
Stephen Castle
IHT, 25 May 2010

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