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The Pope on Secularism

Incroyable. I’m reading this thinking, ‘this has to go in the picks’ section’, when i suddenly notice the writer is nobody else than Dan..! of course 🙂

At Czech Mass, Pope Says Societies Must Have God
by Dan Bilefsky
the International Herald Tribune, 27 September 2009

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Voyons s’ils y parviennent un jour…

Barroso backs up major anti-red tape scheme
by Valentina Pop
in EUobsever, 18 September 2009

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frenchie frenchie!

Cachez ce saindou que je ne saurais voir…
par Stephanie Clifford dans le New York Times
en français dans le Courrier International no. 985

Pro- or anti-Frenchie lifestyle? No matter what you feel like, this week dossier Oh! là, là! in this week’s Courrier International is simply…delicious! If you’re not registered online, it’s worth 3 € believe me.

Enjoy the read… en français bien sûr!

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Je n’arrête pas de le dire!

The Facebook backlash
Phoebe Connelly
The Guardian, 7 September 2009

Interestingly, this is a very similar paper to a New York Times article by Virginia Heffernan, Facebook Exodus, 26 August 2009

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Any hope for even more EU politics?(!)

France casts fresh doubt on Barroso reappointment
Andrew Rettman
euobserver, 8 September 2009

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